Case Financial Overview

The financial components section in a debt case provides a comprehensive breakdown of the case's financial details. It outlines the original debt amount, added late payment fees, accrued interest, and any administrative or legal fees that contribute to the total debt amount. Follow these steps to quickly navigate to this section.

1. Open your case.

Open a case.

Open your case.

2. Click "Financials"

Navigate to the financial section, by clicking on the Financials button, in the case menu bar.

Click 'Financials'

3. Financial breakdown.

The financial breakdown is now presented directly in the case. Be advised, this is the exact same overview, that is presented to the debtor, via their FinView Access App.

Financial breakdown.

This guide covered accessing a specific debt case, navigating to the financial section, and viewing a detailed breakdown of the financials. Should you have any questions, please contact your collections agency.

Marco Hoogenraad
Our very own fitness trainer. Marco is a major user of FinView via our collections brand DebtCo.
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