This guide, will help you to locate the details of all unpaid invoices, in a debt collection case.

1. Open your case

Open the case you need to find the unpaid invoices. For this example, we are using the case with Osborne Jefferson.

Open your case

2. Navigate to the 2 dots in the total owed box.

In the case overview page, click on the 2 dots in the 'Total Owed' box.

Navigate to the 2 dots in the total owed box.

3. Click "View Initial Case Information"

From the dropdown list, click on 'View Initial Case Information'.

Click 'View Initial Case Information'

4. All invoices are now presented.

You will now be directed to the full list of invoices. On this case, Osborne has 4 unpaid invoices, which make up the total debt he owes.

All invoices are now presented.

5. Click to open the invoice

To see the details of each invoice, click on the eye icon, on the right side, of the invoice row.

Click to open the invoice

6. Review the invoice.

You will now enter the detail of the specific invoice. This includes the amount as well as the invoice date. The subject of the invoice, and other information, such as the personal information.

Review the invoice.

7. To go back to the invoices list.

To return to the invoice list, click on the 'Initial case info' tab, as highlighted.

To go back to the invoices list.

8. Return to case overview

To return to the case overview, click on the case number.

Return to case overview

9. Case overview

That's it. You have now navigated your way to the initial invoice information, within FinView Control.

Case overview

If you notice missing invoices, you can simply upload these yourself. Or have contact with your agency, who can help you to ensure the case is updated.

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