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Transform your debt recovery strategies with FinView, specifically engineered for companies seeking to streamline operations and improve collection outcomes.

What exactly is FinView?

FinView is a specialised platform designed specifically for debt collection agencies. It combines powerful tools and automated processes to streamline debt recovery operations, enhancing both efficiency and results. This integrated suite is designed to support every stage of the debt collection life-cycle, making it a vital asset for agencies of all sizes to improve their collection outcomes.

Increase in your debt collection results
Increase in digital payment plan adoption
Automation of manual processes
Streamlining Success

FinView's cutting-edge features for Debt Collection.

FinView seamlessly integrates the latest debt collection technologies, tailored for agencies looking to enhance efficiency and exceed collection goals. Our platform equips you with automated workflows, advanced analytics, and effective communication tools, transforming your debt recovery strategies into successful outcomes.
Case manager

A unified workspace.

The FinView Case Manager provides your agents with a 360° overview of a case. It is integrated with our TaskDesk and Inbox modules, so agents will find it easier to move around a case, ensuring they can quickly resolve and guarantee payment.

Customer portal

Give your clients full visibility of their cases.

The customer portal gives your clients visibility and transparency into how you are handling their cases. From tracking events to uploading new cases, the portal is designed to give real-time updates when your customers need them.

Advanced Analytics

Drive Results with Powerful Analytics.

Transform data into decisive action with FinView’s customisable dashboards and advanced reporting module. Our platform empowers your team with clear, actionable insights, fostering innovation and strategic decision-making across your operations.

We have an app!

Empower Debtors with FinView's Mobile App.

Our mobile app enables debtors to effortlessly manage their own case. It provides real-time access to account balances and simplifies case resolution through flexible payment plan options and secure digital payment methods. Direct communication features also allow debtors to connect with your team anytime, enhancing user engagement and speeding up debt resolution.

Instant Payment
Users can make instant payments using your payment link.

Payment Plans
FinView empowers users to take control of their payment plans.

Available online and via the app store
Via a browser or from the app store. FinView is available for any device, globally.

Integrated with other services that give you full control

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Frequently asked questions

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If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

We really love new features and ideas that help improve our platform. As soon as you have signed up for our software, you become a member of our community. All your ideas can be sent by clicking the link below:

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You can upload new cases in several ways. Visit our knowledge centre to learn about all the possibilities available to you.

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At our company, customer support is of the utmost importance in creating the optimal user experience with our debt collection software, FinView. We provide 24-hour assistance via multiple channels, including phone, email, live chat and our dedicated support team staffed with knowledgeable professionals familiar with our software who are here to assist with any concerns or inquiries that might arise while using it.

Additionally, our website boasts an expansive knowledge base with video tutorials and user guides to quickly provide answers to common queries, as well as to gain greater knowledge of our software when it is convenient for you. If additional assistance is required from us to get your team quickly acquainted with everything, customised training sessions and webinars can be scheduled at a suitable time and location.

We built FinView using the latest technology. It is globally available and is able to scale as your business grows. We can confidently say that if you upload 1 million active debt collection cases, FinView will handle them with ease.

We update FinView on a regular basis. Currently, that is every week and largely driven by feature requests from you, our customers. Unlike most debt collection software providers, our updates come as part of our licensee model. That means you do not need to pay for upgrades and changes!

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