Streamlining debt recovery with Case Manager.

FinView understands the complexities of debt collection. That is why our Case Manager module was specifically created to make your case handling process intuitive, integrated and impactful.


Unlock greater efficiency with our powerful case manager.

Enable your team to prioritise more complex cases and provide a better agent experience.

Reduction in calls needing to be made to debtors.
Improvement in the
commitment of a debtor to pay
Improvement in recovery
results on old cases

Conversations about debt can be complex. Ensure that your customer and team share a clear and unified understanding.

The FinView Case Manager is packed with features that help your team to quickly manage a case to a successful outcome.


Get a 360-degree view of each case at a glance. Our dashboard gives you an all-encompassing view of every case at once. With it, you can
track every activity related to each case - such as communication logs, payment plans and financial summaries - keeping you fully informed
so you can make decisions with confidence.

Financial Insights

Gain more insight into each case's finances through the Case Manager's extensive financial tracking features, which provide deep analysis
of debtor performance in relation to their payment plans and allow you to assess its overall health as you strategize accordingly.

Events Tracking

Keep tabs on every case event using our dynamic tracking tools, from payment receipts and debtor communications to user logins.
Everything is recorded for our continuous monitoring to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


Strengthen internal collaboration and keep meticulous records using our Notes feature. This provides your team with notes to draft
internally or communicate crucial data back to credit originators through the Customer Portal for maximum transparency and consistency

Document Management

Manage and access case-specific documents effortlessly using Case Manager's document storage solution, simplifying management while
speeding up retrieval time. Upload new files effortlessly or organise existing ones efficiently within its confines for efficient management and
quick retrieval.

Task Integration

View and manage tasks within each case directly within TaskDesk, making it much simpler for collection teams to access relevant case data.
Improve task completion rates by giving direct access to necessary info.

Empower your debt collections team to achieve greater results.

Provide your team with tools designed for maximum productivity. FinView's Case Manager module not only simplifies, but also improves, debt collection processes, allowing your team to perform to its maximum potential.

Seamless integration across the FinView eco-system.

FinView's Case Manager seamlessly integrates with its other modules, such as TaskDesk, Workflows and our multichannel
Inbox for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Each module complements each other, ensuring optimal
performance and productivity.
A seamless data handling experience that helps reduce friction in your data journey.
A simple ticketing system that ensures all your team manage all events on every case.
Connect to your customers, cases and 3rd parties, all from one shared inbox for your whole team.
Mobile App
Give customers full control of their case via the FinView app. Available online or to download.
"With the FinView debt collection software, we have seen significant improvements in our collection efforts, with faster and more consistent payments from our case owners. The software is super easy to use, ensuring our team can quickly adapt to changes in our cases"

Jonathan Grant

Founder at DigiCollect, South Africa

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