Why FinView?

We’re more than just a tech company. We’ve got goals, hopes, and dreams, just like you. We want to serve a better solution to a centuries old profession and do some good in the world while we’re at it—permanently. We know our technology changes lives. If that’s something that speaks to you—you belong here, too.
Located in The Lobby in Rijswijk, our team is surrounded by amazing companies that drive innovation and disruptive technologies.
Our story

How we are tackling the problems of debt collections with FinView.

How it all began?

Five years ago, Cheryl, Dylan, and Darren came together with a shared vision to transform the debt collection industry. Witnessing first-hand the struggles that businesses and individuals face with traditional debt collection practices, we knew there had to be a better way. Traditional agencies often relied on outdated methods, struggling to recover debts efficiently and lacking the tools to support those in financial distress.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and compassion, we set out to reinvent the debt collection process. By integrating customer-centric product development with advanced machine learning technology, we have successfully simplified, digitised, and automated debt recovery. This modern approach not only enhances operational efficiency for businesses, but also empowers individuals and families with digital tools to manage their debts, clear communication, and flexible repayment options.

As we continue to grow, our foundational belief in the power of combining diverse skills to create something truly amazing remains at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to make a meaningful difference in the financial health of businesses and their customers, helping them regain control and move forward with confidence.

What is FinView's mission?

We are committed to fundamentally changing the debt collection landscape. We see a future where debt recovery is more humane, efficient, and intelligent, moving beyond traditional methods. Our approach leverages cloud-based, customer-centric technologies to streamline processes and significantly improve the user experience for all involved.

Our aim is to enhance financial awareness and comprehension for both individuals and businesses. FinView offers intuitive tools that provide clear transparency in financial transactions, whether for debtors or creditors, empowering users to understand and take control of their financial situations.

Utilising best-in-class technology and deep data insights, we continuously refine our understanding of customer needs, which fuels our development of smarter, more responsive tools tailored to diverse user requirements.Focusing on automation introduces more cost-effective and less labour-intensive debt recovery options. This not only helps those in financial distress, but also increases profitability for your debt collection agency.

Through these initiatives, FinView sets new industry standards, making debt collection more transparent, accessible, and equitable. Our dedication to innovation and empathy underpins our commitment to promoting financial health and respectful recovery, enhancing the success of businesses worldwide and upholding the dignity of each individual involved.

What's it like working at FinView?

It's fun. It's challenging. It's hugely rewarding. We recently moved into The Lobby offices in Rijswijk. A cool new office that has many cool and exciting companies. The modern interior we believe helps us to be focused on innovation and driving change.

If you are ready to disrupt an age old industry, then FinView is for you.

What are we proud of?

At FinView, our mission is to permanently transform the world of debt collection. We envision a future where debt recovery transcends traditional methods, becoming more humane, efficient, and intelligent. Our approach to reinventing invoice recovery and case management is rooted in cloud-based, customer-centric technologies that not only streamline processes, but also elevate the user experience for everyone involved.

We are committed to raising financial awareness and comprehension for individuals and businesses alike. By empowering them with intuitive tools, we provide unparalleled transparency in financial dealings—whether for a debtor or a creditor. Our platform equips users with the means to fully understand and take control of their financial circumstances, fostering a sense of empowerment and responsibility.

Through cutting-edge technology and deep data insights, we strive to enhance our understanding of customer needs and behaviours. This knowledge drives our innovation, allowing us to develop smarter, more responsive tools that cater to the diverse needs of our users.

Moreover, our dedication to automation paves the way for more cost-effective and less labour-intensive debt recovery methods. These advancements make the process less daunting for those in financial distress, and more profitable for companies seeking to recover debts.

Through these efforts, FinView sets new standards in the debt collection industry, making it more transparent, accessible, and fair for all parties involved. Our commitment to innovation and empathy creates a foundation for financial health and recovery that respects the dignity of every individual and enhances the operational success of businesses around the globe.

The team leading the change

Lonneke Makhija -van der Weijden

Lonneke Makhija -van der Weijden

Investor & Advisor
Lonneke advises us on all things technical, ensuring we are kept on track at all times.
Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

Lives next to a Duke :-). Andrew is supporting us in partnering FinView with CreditInfo.
Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw

Loves to travel on his Brompton. Thomas is supporting us in expanding FinView internationally.
Cheryl Miskow

Cheryl Miskow

Co-founder & CFO
The keeper of the purse :-). Cheryl can be blamed for this by bringing us together 5 years ago.
Darren Tebbitt

Darren Tebbitt

Co-founder & CEO
Loves rugby and tech stuff. Darren is focused on our strategic mission in scaling FinView globally.
Marco Hoogenraad

Marco Hoogenraad

Case Specialist for DebtCo
Our very own fitness trainer. Marco is a major user of FinView via our collections brand DebtCo.
Marlies van Sonsbeek

Marlies van Sonsbeek

Investor & Advisor
Managing partner at Finaps. Marlies is one of our early investors and passionate supporters.
Lies Knoester

Lies Knoester

Client & Data Specialist
Loves fast cars and is one of our primary users of FinView. for our Dutch collections DebtCo.
Dylan de Blieck

Dylan de Blieck

Co-founder & COO
Has the strangest hobby - ask him! Simply put, Dylan makes it all work together with Finaps.

A partnership like no other!

We teamed up with the impressive team at Finaps who helped us bring FinView to life. Our dedicated development team have worked with us for more than 5 years in initially developing CollectIC, the FinView app and the latest version FinView. A highly innovative team that is supporting our goal of bringing digital transformation to the collections and legal case world.

Digital Innovation
FinView is all about digital innovation and our dedicated tech team at Finaps ensures we are continuously evolving to market changes.

Process Optimisation
The entire FinView eco-system is all about process optimisation. Finaps have helped us to automate up to 80% of manual debt collection process.

Applied Analytics
Debt collections is all about data and analytics and the application of analytics is at the heart of the FinView ecosystem.


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