Insights and reporting that change the way you think about data!

Go from data to insights in minutes. And all in one view!


Analytics for everyone.

Managing cases is always changing, which means your recovery performance needs to adapt as well. Our dashboards shorten the distance between data and informed decisions for everyone involved in collections recovery in your business. Align your complete team around a uniformed view to maximise results.

Drag-&-drop reporting

FinView comes with a simple yet incredibly powerful drag-&-drop report builder. Integrated with all your data, simply drag the elements you want to see on your custom report and click go - it's really that easy.

Explore more features

FinView is packed with many features all of which enables you to deliver positive experiences.
Data Handler
A seamless data handling experience that helps reduce friction in your data journey.
A simple ticketing system that ensures all your team manage all events on every case.
Connect to your customers, cases and 3rd parties, all from one shared inbox for your whole team.
Mobile App
Give customers full control of their case via the FinView app. Available online or to download.

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