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Experience Transparency and Control

The FinView Customer Portal offers unparalleled transparency and control to your customers, providing a detailed view of the management of their debt collection cases. This robust portal ensures they are always informed about the debt recovery process.

Enhanced transparency

The Customer Portal provides a comprehensive dashboard that displays real-time data on debt collection activities. This feature ensures your customers are fully informed of the status of their debt portfolio in your hands. This includes financial details and case progress, fostering a transparent relationship between you and your client.

Streamlined Case Management

With features like easy case uploads, detailed case overviews, and the ability to view and manage documents, the portal simplifies the day-to-day management of debt collection cases. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the administrative burden on your customer and team.

Improved Communication

The portal's integrated communication tools and mobile-responsive design ensure your client can stay connected with their cases and receive updates anytime, anywhere. This accessibility leads to quicker responses and more dynamic interaction, enhancing efficiency in managing debtor relationships.

Case overview

Dive deep into individual cases

A comprehensive snapshot of each debt collection case, allowing your clients to monitor and manage their cases efficiently.

Debtor Details

See comprehensive information about the debtor, including the validation status of their contact data and whether you have established contact.


Your customer can now monitor the actions taken by your agency helping you to answer the key question "Can you update me on the case?"

Financial Overview

Your clients can access all case-related documents, or securely upload new ones directly through the portal.


Your clients can receive detailed, case-specific notes from your team of specialists updating them on case progress.


Review details like added costs, interest, and payment plan specifics, including adherence to the plan by debtors.

Vulnerability indicator

Update your client on any vulnerability FinView or your team detects when interacting with their customer, ensuring sensitive handling where necessary.
Data Handling

Easy Case Uploads

Your customers can now easily upload new cases via the portal with our easy-to-use, drag-&-drop upload feature. This new upload process is not only quick to use but also ensures your clients' data is secure when transferring to you.

Invoice Access

Your clients can effortlessly retrieve any invoices related to their transactions with you, ensuring clarity and ease in financial management.

Download combined versus individual case invoices from the invoice overview.

Case-specific invoices available directly from the debtor case overview.

Closed invoices, as well as building invoices, are available.

Directly download payment reports relating to each invoice.

Mobile first

Fully mobile responsive

Your clients can stay connected and informed no matter where they are. The FinView Customer Portal is fully mobile responsive, allowing them to access critical case information from any device at any time.


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FinView is packed with many features all of which enables you to deliver positive experiences.
Data Handler
A seamless data handling experience that helps reduce friction in your data journey.
A simple ticketing systems that ensures all your team manage all events on every case.
Connect to your customers, cases and 3rd parties, all from one shared inbox for your whole team.
Mobile App
Give customers full control on their case via the FinView app. Available online or to download.

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