Integrated with services that provide you with full control

Unlike traditional collections platforms who force you into using their services (at a high rate), we have integrated FinView with different providers. You simply create your own account with them, put the API key into our software and enjoy the seamless integration.


FinView's integration with QuickBooks automates the transfer of financial data and debtor cases, streamlining processes and enhancing data accuracy for efficient debt collection management.

Exact (In planning)

FinView will integrate with Exact, automating the transfer of cases directly from companies to FinView, streamlining data accuracy and reducing manual entry for efficient case management.

Dun & Bradstreet (In development)

FinView integrates with D&B, leveraging its global database to enhance data accuracy and customer profiling, aiding debt collection agencies in making informed decisions.


Beefree enhances FinView by enabling the easy creation of responsive, customisable emails through a drag-and-drop interface, streamlining communication for debt collection agencies.


Selcom provides robust digital and card payment solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa, enhancing transaction efficiency for debt collection agencies via FinView integrations.


Revolut's integration with FinView ensures real-time payment updates directly into case files, streamlining transaction tracking for debt collection agencies​ who use Revolut for their banking needs.


The integration with bunq ensures that payments are processed and reflected in real-time within the FinView system, enhancing the efficiency of transaction monitoring and reconciliation for debt cases

Postbode - NL

FinView's integration with Postbode automates letter sending for debt collection agencies, providing real-time deliverability feedback and enhancing communication efficiency within the Dutch market.

Ponto Banking (in development)

FinView's integration with Ponto connects it to over 1,700 EU banks, enhancing financial management for debt collection agencies with real-time banking data and transaction capabilities.


ClickSend integration with FinView enables automated SMS, email, and direct mail for debt collection agencies, streamlining communications and improving operational efficiency.


PayPal integration with FinView enables debt collection agencies to process payments securely and efficiently, offering flexibility with multiple payment methods directly within the platform.


FinView's integration with iDEAL offers seamless real-time bank transfers, enhancing efficiency for EU debt collection agencies by providing instant payment confirmations.


Stripe's integration with FinView enables efficient global payment processing, supporting multiple methods of payment and currencies, all via a secure portal offering designed to your liking.

Microsoft Azure

FinView is developed on Microsoft Azure, utilising its secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency and reliability for global debt collection agencies.

Microsoft 365

FinView leverages Microsoft 365 to enhance collaboration and streamline workflows within debt collection agencies, utilising its productivity tools for improved data sync and decision-making.


Just one of our payment providers, MSP enables you to provide a fully integrated suite of payment options. All direct from the FinView app.


Be in complete control over your email automation with our direct integration to SendGrid. Enter your own API key and your ready to go.


With your own account, you can integrate with Messagebird and benefit from the communication channels available on a global level.

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