Introducing FinView 1.6.0: Stripe Integration and Advancing Compliance with the FinView Compliance Engine

Explore FinView 1.6.0: Stripe integration and a new Compliance Engine that enhances data protection and ensures regulatory compliance.

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to FinView—version 1.6.0, which brings crucial enhancements and features that streamlines debt collection operations and ensures compliance with critical data protection laws. This update focuses significantly on integrating sophisticated compliance tools and improving system functionality to ensure that our users meet, exceed, and exceed regulatory standards.

Seamless Integration with Stripe

The new version introduces integration with Stripe, enhancing global payment processing capabilities. This feature allows smoother transaction management and faster payment processing, enabling our users to manage financial transactions more efficiently within the FinView platform.

The FinView Compliance Engine

One of the most significant additions in version 1.6.0 is the FinView Compliance Engine. This innovative module is a game changer for debt collection agencies to navigate the complex waters of regulatory compliance, such as the FCA in the UK and the WKI in the Netherlands.

Key Features of the Compliance Engine:

Communication Suspension on Pre-defined Days: Understanding the importance of respecting cultural and legal boundaries, FinView now allows agencies to set rules to automatically suspend communications on specific days, such as public holidays or other significant dates like Christmas. This helps ensure that agencies not only respect their clients' and debtors' personal time, but also adhere strictly to local legislation that restricts communication on such days.

Customisable Data Removal Rules: In an era where data protection is paramount, our second feature within the Compliance Engine offers robust tools for managing data retention responsibly. Agencies can define their own rules for when personal information should be removed from the system, aligning with regulations such as the UK GDPR, EU GDPR, and other global data protection rules. This customisable feature ensures that personal data is anonymised or deleted in accordance with legal requirements, thereby safeguarding both the debtor's privacy and the agency's compliance posture.

Why is Data Protection So Crucial?

Data protection is not just a legal requirement, it is a cornerstone of trust between service providers and their clients. In the debt collection industry, responsibly handling sensitive personal information is crucial. Mismanagement of personal data can lead to severe consequences, including legal penalties and loss of reputation. By enabling customisable data protection features, FinView 1.6.0 helps agencies maintain the highest privacy standards, aligns with global data protection norms, and ensures they build trust and integrity in their operations.


The release of FinView 1.6.0 marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored for the debt collection industry. By integrating with Stripe and enhancing our compliance features, we ensure that our users are equipped to meet the challenges of modern financial operations head-on. These updates not only improve operational efficiency, but also reinforce our users' ability to comply with increasingly stringent regulations around the globe.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and tips on how to maximise your use of FinView and navigate the evolving landscape of debt collection and financial management.

Dylan de Blieck
Has the strangest hobby - ask him! Simply put, Dylan makes it all work together with Finaps.

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