TicketDesk is an integrated ticket management module built into FinView, specifically designed to track and resolve tasks that arise due to various interactions and events. The ultimate aim is to ensure no communication goes unanswered, while maintaining continuity for superior customer service and efficient case administration.


The system manages tasks that correspond with different interactions or requests:

Email Responses: Each time FinView receives an email response from a debtor, customer or third party, it automatically creates a task in its system to ensure all communications are acknowledged and addressed quickly.

Unlinked Emails: FinView may receive emails unrelated to a specific case stored in its "Unlinked Emails" bucket, so users can review these tasks and either close them out or associate them with relevant cases depending on context.

Requested Payment Plans: When a debtor submits a proposed payment plan through myFinView app, FinView quickly creates a task so the user can review this request before being taken directly to their case to accept or decline this proposed plan.

Unlinked Payments: FinView can automatically link payments received from debtors to their respective cases. However, if a debtor failed to include their case number in the description field of their payment, FinView will keep it unlinked and create a task so users can manually link payments using its matching engine.

WhatsApp Responses (Coming Soon): In today's digital age, instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp are playing an increasingly significant role in communication. Recognising this trend, FinView is in the process of developing a feature that will generate a task whenever a debtor responds through WhatsApp. This upcoming feature will ensure that all interactions via WhatsApp are tracked and responded to, like other communication channels.

FinView's TicketDesk is more than just a ticket and task management system; it's a comprehensive, automated communication management tool. Its comprehensive tracking and alerting functionality enables businesses to maintain consistent quality interactions that result in improved relationships, as well as faster case resolution rates. A key part of the FinView platform, designed specifically to help your organisation maximise every communication.

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