The FinView Case Owner Number plays a vital role in managing and streamlining your debt collection process within the FinView system. It serves as a unique identifier for an individual or business, much like the D&B DUNS Number, allowing for efficient management and tracking of case files.

What is a FinView Case Owner Number?

Every new case that is uploaded to FinView is assigned a unique FinView Case Owner Number. This number represents an individual or business entity associated with the case. It is a unique identifier, providing a way to accurately track and manage each case owner's data within the FinView system.

How Does It Work?

Apart from streamlining case management, the FinView Case Owner Number is also used to grant case owners access to their case files via the myFinView app. By using their unique FinView Case Owner Number, individuals or businesses can access all their case files, facilitating self-service and transparency.

How to search for the FinView case owner number?

Check out our guide here: Quick Guide


The FinView Case Owner Number is an essential tool for managing your debt collection process in FinView. By providing a unique identifier for each case owner, it simplifies case management and improves the user experience for both your team and your clients. For any further questions or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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