A "FinView case" is a digital debt collections case managed using the FinView platform. Each case represents an individual instance of debt that needs to be collected, usually associated with a specific debtor. A case begins when a debtor has an outstanding amount owed to a customer, and it remains active until the debt is either fully paid off or otherwise resolved.


A FinView case encompasses several aspects of the debt collection process:

  1. Debtor Information: This includes the personal and contact information of the individual or organization owing the debt. From contact data such as email address, telephone numbers and address information, a case can also hold information such as date of birth, place of birth, social media information and banking data.
  2. Customer Information: Details about the customer, who is usually the creditor or entity to whom the debt is owed, are also part of the case. This includes their contact information and any specific terms or conditions they have regarding the debt collection such as invoice data and commercial agreements.
  3. Debt Details: This includes the total amount of debt, the date it was incurred, the due date for repayment, interest rates, any fees or penalties, and the specifics of any products or services associated with the debt.
  4. Payment Plan: If the debtor cannot pay off the debt in one go, the case would include a payment plan. This plan is designed based on the debtor's ability to pay and the customer's terms, laying out a schedule of smaller, more manageable payments.
  5. Communications Inbox: The FinView inbox tracks all communications between the debtor, the customer, and any involved third party. This ensures transparency, maintains a complete record of interactions for reference, and helps monitor progress.
  6. Case Status: The current status of the case (e.g., active, closed, in settlement, in legal proceedings, in enrichment, etc.) is updated regularly to reflect the most recent developments.
  7. Events: Every event is tracked, time stamped and presented in the case.
  8. Third Party Information: In some cases, third parties might be involved in the debt collection process. This could be legal entities, co-signers, guarantors, or other debt collection agencies. Information about these parties and their role in the case is also part of a FinView case.
  9. Documents: In a FinView case, relevant documents can be attached directly to the case. These documents may include original contracts or agreements, invoices, payment records, legal paperwork, correspondence, and more. The ability to attach these documents within the case provides an organized and accessible repository of key documentation. This can prove invaluable in maintaining detailed case records, streamlining the resolution process, and providing transparency to all parties involved. It also enables easy retrieval of information when required, such as during audits or legal proceedings.
  10. Tickets: Any activity related to a FinView case generates a ticket. A ticket could be created for a variety of reasons, such as a new communication from a debtor or customer, an update on the payment status, or a notification of a scheduled event or deadline. Each ticket is linked to the relevant case, ensuring a comprehensive record of all actions and events associated with the case. This provides a timeline of activities for each case, aiding in tracking the progress of the debt resolution, as well as in understanding the history and context of the case. Tickets also help in improving response times and ensure that all communications or actions are promptly addressed.

Through FinView, both debtors and customers can interact in a more structured and transparent manner. Debtors can monitor their debt and payment plan progress, while customers can oversee their outstanding debts, manage communication and devise strategies for effective debt recovery. The main goal of a FinView case is to facilitate the debt recovery process in a more organized, efficient, and mutually beneficial way.

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