In FinView, a "Business Entity" serves as a comprehensive digital representation of your organisation, setting the tone and parameters for how you interact and communicate with case owners or your customers. It is a globally defined setting, acting as a master template that captures various key aspects of your business identity and operational preferences.

These aspects include fundamental information like the company's name, registration number, and address, but also more specific settings, such as:

  • Bank details: This is where you add your banking information for receiving payments.
  • Payment provider: You can select your choice of payment provider, which will be used for all transactions.
  • Call centre software: Here, you choose the specific call centre software you'll use for your business.
  • Delay interest rates: These can be defined per country, allowing you to tailor rates to different regions.
  • Company logo: You can add your company logo, which is simply a URL from your website.
  • Additionally, the Business Entity includes default settings for emails, such as the sender's information and reply-to addresses, invoice formatting preferences, email footers (like your sign-offs or disclaimers), and the structure of general communication templates.

Setting up a Business Entity in FinView simplifies the customer setup process. Instead of individually inputting these details, you can select the predefined Business Entity. This action automatically applies all the corresponding settings, promoting consistency across interactions and streamlining your communication processes.

Creating your business entity is done at the global level

  • From the side menu bar, scroll over Settings and click business entities
  • To create a new business entity, hit the orange button "Create new"
  • Fill the data in, click save and then activate your business entity.

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