How to drill down to different debt collection portfolios via the FinView control dashboard.

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to viewing various portfolios, within the FinView Control Dashboard. You'll learn how to customise filters, and access specific details, ensuring you can navigate the application effortlessly, for efficient portfolio management.

1. Log into FinView Control

The FinView Control Dashboard, can be found on the home page.

Log into FinView Control

2. Click the filters button

Click the filters button, found on the top right of the dashboard.

Click the filters button

3. Filters window

A popup window will appear, presenting you with different options. The first selection you need to make, is to select the customer entity.

Filters window

4. Choose the entity

For this example, we have chosen DebtCo UK.

Choose the entity

5. Choose the portfolio

You will now need to select the portfolio.

Choose the portfolio

6. Close the window

The filters have now been applied. To see the dashboard, close the popup window as highlighted.

Close the window

7. Dashboard results

The dashboard now displays the results based on your selected filter options. Highlighted in yellow, you can see the results for the entity DebtCo UK and the portfolio UK Fitness Ltd.

Dashboard results

8. Change the timeframe

To view analytics based on weekly, quarterly, or yearly performance, navigate to the time filter and select your preferred option.

Change the timeframe

9. View the updated dashboard

The dashboard will now update to reflect the new filter options you have entered.

View the updated dashboard

10. Close the filters

To return to the main dashboard with no filtered options, close the filter options as highlighted. Begin with the portfolio filter.

Close the filters

11. Back to the main dashboard

Followed by the customer entity.

Back to the main dashboard

This guide covered accessing various portfolio details in the FinView Control Dashboard, including customising filters, viewing specific company information, and switching between different views. By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and analyse portfolios within the application.

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