The status of a task in FinView's TaskDesk plays a crucial role in your workflow. By correctly identifying and updating the task status, you can ensure a smooth management process and efficient communication. Here, we will explain the four different task statuses available:

  1. Not Started: This status is for new tasks that have just been created or assigned but have not yet been acted upon. It's the default status for new tasks.
  2. Started: This status indicates that a task is currently in progress. The task has been reviewed, and work has begun on it. The 'Started' status is a signal to others that the task is being actively worked on, reducing duplication of effort.
  3. Closed (Success): This status is used when a task has been successfully completed. All required actions have been taken, and the task has achieved its objective. Once a task has this status, it no longer needs attention unless new information or a follow-up action arises.
  4. Closed (Failure): This status is assigned when a task could not be completed successfully. This could be due to various reasons such as insufficient information, non-cooperation from the debtor, or other unforeseen circumstances. Tasks with this status should be reviewed to understand the cause of the failure and to determine the next steps.

Understanding and correctly utilising these statuses will assist you in managing tasks efficiently within FinView's TaskDesk. They provide a clear, at-a-glance understanding of the task progress and allow for proper prioritisation and allocation of resources.

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