Understanding the Relationship between Case Owner Number and Case File Number in FinView

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May 10, 2024

In FinView, both the Case Owner Number and the Case File Number serve as unique identifiers, each carrying distinct significance and uses. Understanding the differences between these two identifiers and how they are linked can greatly enhance your efficiency and precision in managing cases within FinView.

What is a Case Owner Number?

A Case Owner Number is a unique identifier assigned to each debtor or customer within FinView. This identifier stays consistent across all the cases linked to that specific debtor or customer, serving as a thread that ties together all their individual cases.

What is a Case File Number?

The Case File Number, on the other hand, is a unique identifier assigned to each specific case within FinView. Unlike the Case Owner Number, which remains the same across all cases related to a specific debtor or customer, the Case File Number changes with each new case, enabling distinct tracking and management of each case.

How are the Case Owner Number and Case File Number Linked?

While each identifier serves a unique purpose, they are inherently linked within FinView. The Case Owner Number allows you to pull up all the cases linked to a specific debtor or customer, essentially providing a macro view of their situation. Once there, each case associated with the debtor or customer can be separately accessed and managed using its unique Case File Number, allowing for precise micro management.

For instance, let's say a debtor has three different cases in the system. The Case Owner Number will be the same for all three cases, enabling you to identify all the cases tied to this specific debtor. However, each case will have its own unique Case File Number, letting you manage and track each case individually.

Understanding these differences and the linkage between the Case Owner Number and Case File Number is key to efficient and effective case management in FinView. Whether you're looking at the bigger picture or focusing on the details, these two identifiers will guide your way.

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