Effective case management is essential in finance. With innovative tools like FinView's robust navigation bar, which features numerous features to help users seamlessly manage all aspects of financial cases, effective case management is now possible.

Below we will attempt to break down the features of the FinView navigation bar, detailing how each aspect can help you manage your financial cases more effectively.

  • Overview - The new overview screen provides an action based overview on the specific case. A user can see their open tickets, open tickets of other team members as well as the last note to be filed and workflow related activites. You also have the ability to see the last 3 activities and the next scheduled activity to be sent from an active workflow.
  • Activities - Activities is a comprehensive module that tracks all events and actions on a case. By keeping an eye on Activities, you can ensure that no key details or milestones in your case are overlooked.
  • Finances - The Finances tab provides critical financial information pertaining to the case. It provides a clear record of what has been paid, along with information on ongoing and prospective payment plans. This aids in keeping the financial aspects of the case transparent and easy to understand for all parties involved.
  • Workflows - Workflows offer an intuitive view of the current case workflow as well as a historical timeline of other workflows that have been actioned on the case. This feature helps in managing the case progression, ensuring all processes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Documents - With the Documents feature, FinView provides a comprehensive overview of all documents relating to the case. Users can upload documents manually, or they can be added automatically when sent from an email. This centralizes all case-related documents in one accessible place, facilitating quicker document retrieval and reference.
  • Notes - The Notes feature allows FinView users to add important information about a case. This could include reminders, observations, or any other case-specific details. By having a dedicated space for notes, FinView ensures that no vital information gets lost in the hustle and bustle of case management.
  • Tasks - The Tasks feature lets you view all tickets relating to the case. This ensures that all issues and tasks are tracked and attended to, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of case management.
  • Conversation - FinView's Conversation feature serves as a centralized inbox for all communications between debtors, customers, and 3rd parties. By consolidating all conversations in one place, it becomes easier to track communication threads, maintain a record of discussions, and ensure that all parties stay updated.

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