Introduction: FinView's unique numbering system is integral for accurate identification and tracking in all areas of the software. This system streamlines the process and ensures comprehensive management of cases and debtors.

FinView's Numbering System:

  1. Customer Client Number: A unique identifier provided by the customer representing a distinct number for their client (debtor).
  2. Invoice Number: Represents a specific invoice associated with a case. A single case can include multiple outstanding invoices.
  3. Case Owner Number: A unique identifier assigned by FinView to each new debtor, whether an individual or a business entity. The case number is needed for a debtor to gain access to the myFinView app.
  4. Case File Number: A number generated by FinView for a specific debt case related to a debtor. This case can encompass multiple invoices. There can be multiple case file numbers under one case owner number.

Using the Numbering System:

  • FinView utilises these numbers to ensure precise tracking and management of cases.
  • The customer client number and invoice numbers are sent by the customer, while the case owner number and case file number are generated by FinView.
  • This system avoids duplications in the database and facilitates efficient case management.

For more detailed information and examples, please refer to the full document.

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