At the core of the FinView platform is a powerful workflow engine that facilitates systematic and automated case management. Different types of workflows are available to accommodate various case states, providing flexibility and control over your customer communication strategies. Here is an overview of the different types of workflows that you can create within FinView:

  1. Breathing Space Workflow: This workflow is designed to provide an initial grace period or 'breathing space' to case owners once a case is uploaded to the system. No costs or interest are applied during this period, giving case owners time to acknowledge the case before any financial consequences are applied. The duration of the breathing space is fully customisable.
  2. Main Outreach Workflow: This is the primary workflow used to manage communication and actions with case owners. It involves multiple stages and can include various nodes, such as Email, SMS, Text to Speech, Phone Call, Letters, and Ticket Creation. It is initiated once the breathing space period ends or immediately for cases where the breathing space workflow is not enabled.
  3. Payment Plan Workflow: This workflow is triggered when a case owner commits to a payment plan. It handles communications related to payment reminders, overdue notices, and updates to the payment plan. It's designed to ensure the case owner stays informed about their payment schedule and any pending payments.
  4. On Hold Workflow: Also known as the 'Investigation' or 'Dispute' workflow, this is used when a case is in dispute or under investigation. During this period, regular communication is typically suspended while the dispute or investigation is resolved. Once resolved, the case may return to the Main Outreach or Payment Plan workflow, as appropriate.
  5. Retry Workflow: The Retry Workflow is similar to the Main Outreach workflow but is specifically used when a case has been enriched with new data from the FinView skip tracing service. This workflow allows for a renewed outreach attempt with the newly acquired contact information, maximizing the chance of reaching the case owner.

By understanding and utilizing these different workflows, you can effectively manage your cases and tailor your communication strategies to match the unique circumstances of each case. Remember, all workflow types have access to all channel nodes, enabling you to leverage a wide range of communication tools across all your workflows.

More information on the different nodes can be found via this article - link

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