A case file number is a unique identifier that FinView assigns to each case within its system. This unique identifier is crucial for efficient case management, tracking, and resolution.

What is a Case File Number?

A case file number in FinView serves as a distinctive tag for every individual case. Just like a fingerprint, each case file number is unique, allowing for distinct tracking and management of each case, irrespective of any similarities it may share with others. This identifier is automatically generated when a new case is created in FinView and stays with the case throughout its lifecycle within the system.

Where to Find the Case File Number?

You can find the case file number in the following locations:

  • Case Owner Overview Page: On the main case owner overview page, each entry for a case, whether open or closed, displays the case file number on the left side of the entry.
  • In a Case: When you are within a specific case, you can find the case file number under the 'Financial Insights' section of the 'Activities' tab.
  • Task Navigation Window: If a task is linked to a case, the case file number is located under the name of the case owner, in the task navigation window. Here, you'll see the case file number next to a small ticket icon, indicating that the task is linked to that specific case.

Why is the Case File Number Important?

The case file number is an indispensable tool for effective case management within FinView. It allows users to swiftly identify and locate a specific case among potentially thousands, and facilitates the tracking of case progression from initiation to resolution. The case file number is also vital for linking tasks to cases, ensuring that all actions and updates related to a case are accurately logged and readily accessible.

Remember, the case file number is your key to efficient and accurate case management in FinView.

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