In FinView, tailoring the workflow settings of a customer account can make your debt collection process more efficient and user-friendly. Specifically, you can activate a breathing space workflow, set reminder schedules for payment plans, and define the number of call attempts that are made. Let's delve into how you can optimize these settings for each customer account.


1.Enabling the Breathing Space Workflow:

The breathing space workflow is a unique feature that can be enabled when setting up a customer. When this workflow is active, costs and interests specified in the financial settings are not immediately applied upon case upload. This feature gives debtors a predefined 'breathing space' period to respond before any extra charges are applied.

Here's how to set it up:

  • When configuring a new customer account, find the 'Enable Breathing Space Workflow' setting.
  • Toggle this feature on if you want to activate it. If it's toggled off, the workflow will not be used, and the costs and interests will be added immediately after case upload.
  1. Setting the Duration of the Breathing Space:

The duration of the breathing space can be customized to suit your specific debt collection strategy.

  • Directly under the 'Enable Breathing Space Workflow' setting, you'll find a field to define the duration of the breathing space.
  • Enter the number of days you wish the breathing space to last. Once this period has elapsed, the system will automatically apply the costs and interests set in the financial settings.
  1. Setting Payment Plan Reminder Periods:

In FinView, you can set up automatic reminders for upcoming installment due dates on a payment plan.

  • Find the 'Payment Plan Reminder Period (days)' setting when setting up a customer account.
  • Enter the number of days in advance of the due date that you wish the reminder to be sent out. The system will automatically start the reminder workflow based on this setting.
  1. Defining Call Attempts:

You can specify how many call attempts the system will push to your call center software. This setting is linked to the phone call node in your workflows.

  • Look for the 'Maximum Number of Phone Call Retries' setting.
  • Enter the number of call attempts you want FinView to make.

In conclusion, by leveraging these workflow settings in FinView, you can craft a debt collection process that aligns closely with your business needs and the comfort of your debtors. For further information or assistance, please reach out to our support team.

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