Enrichment, also known as skip tracing, is an automated service offered by FinView to enhance the data in your case files. The following steps guide you through the process of setting up this feature for a customer account.

  1. Access the Settings: After defining the business entity in your customer setup, you'll be directed to the "Enrichment" section under the settings tab.
  2. Define Enrichment Interval: Here, you specify the interval (in days) before the skip tracing is activated. For instance, if you set this interval to 30 days, the enrichment service will kick in 30 days after the case initiation.
  3. Specify Enrichment Attempts: This setting determines how many times the enrichment service is employed for a particular case. Note that each attempt incurs a cost, so it's important to consider this while deciding on the number of attempts.

Please be aware that to activate the enrichment service, you'll need to receive access from FinView administrators. For more information or to request access, contact your FinView representative.

By configuring the enrichment settings effectively, you can ensure a more streamlined and efficient data management process for your customer accounts in FinView.

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