The FinView TaskDesk Navigation Panel, located on the left side of your TaskDesk dashboard, is designed to provide a seamless and organised way to manage your tasks. The panel lists various categories of tasks, making it quick and simple to navigate to different task types. Here's a breakdown of the task types you'll find in the Navigation Panel:

  1. My Tasks: Upon visiting the TaskDesk, you'll initially be presented with tasks assigned specifically to you. This personalised view enables efficient management of your own workload.
  2. All Tasks: This section presents a comprehensive view of all tasks present in the system, irrespective of their assignment status.
  3. Unassigned Tasks: Navigate to this section to view tasks that have yet to be assigned to a specific team member.
  4. Unlinked Payments: This category includes tasks related to payments received from debtors which have not been automatically linked to their cases.
  5. Requested Payment Plans: Here, you'll find tasks created in response to debtors' payment plan requests via the myFinView app.
  6. Unlinked Emails: Visit this section to see tasks created from emails received that aren't directly linked to a specific case.
  7. Open Tasks: This section includes all tasks that are currently active and not yet resolved.
  8. Closed Tasks: Navigate here to review tasks that have been successfully closed, either due to successful completion or deemed failure.
  9. Started Tasks: These are tasks that have been initiated but not yet completed or closed.
  10. Not Started Tasks: This section includes tasks that are assigned but have yet to be started.

By utilising the Navigation Panel, you can easily view and manage tasks according to their categories. It's an essential tool in maintaining order and ensuring that all tasks receive timely attention.

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