In addition to the primary workflows available in FinView, you have the option to create and utilize sub flows. A sub flow is essentially a secondary workflow that can be initiated from any point within a primary workflow. Sub flows provide an additional layer of flexibility, enabling more granular control over case management processes based on specific case conditions or statuses.

Sub flows can be particularly effective in enhancing your collection strategies. For instance, imagine you're running a Main Outreach Workflow and a case owner remains non-responsive throughout the entire process. Instead of ending the process there, you could design a sub flow that automatically shifts the non-responsive case into a legal workflow for further action. This shift ensures that all possible means of outreach and resolution are exhausted before moving the case into a legal process.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how you can create and integrate a sub flow within your primary workflow:

  1. Define the Trigger: Decide at what point in the primary workflow the sub flow should be initiated. The trigger could be a specific condition, such as a case owner's non-response, a dispute initiation, or a missed payment.
  2. Design the Sub Flow: Based on the trigger, design a specific workflow that best handles the case situation. The sub flow can use any of the channel nodes, similar to the primary workflows.
  3. Link the Sub Flow: Within the primary workflow, create a node that initiates the sub flow based on the defined trigger.
  4. Set a Return Point: Define where in the primary workflow the case should return once the sub flow is completed. This could be the point where the case left the primary workflow or a new position more appropriate for the case's status after the sub flow.
  5. Test and Refine: Run a few test cases to ensure the sub flow works as expected and refine as needed.

By incorporating sub flows into your workflows, you can create more personalised and effective collection strategies that adapt to case developments in real time. This way, you're able to provide more tailored customer interactions, improving overall efficiency and success rates in your collections process.

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