Setting up a client on FinView involves several key elements that need to be filled in. Like any customer relationship solution, FinView enables you to manage your customer from one customer profile.

Here, we present a high-level overview of these essential areas:

Company Information

This section houses the fundamental details about the client, including their company name, address, and registration details. It serves as the base for all subsequent client interactions and data management in FinView.


The 'Contacts' section allows the administrator to manage access to the FinView platform. This includes assigning appropriate permissions to individual users, such as operational leads and commercial leads.


'Settings' encompasses both communication settings and data management. Administrators can determine parameters for customer interactions, like phone call attempts, and define data import and enrichment processes. This section is vital in facilitating efficient communication and data handling.


The 'Finance' section is where commercial and financial agreements between your organization and the client are defined. It includes setting up billing details and outlining the financial parameters of your services.


Workflows help streamline client interactions by defining dynamic communication paths to establish contact with the client's debtors. By setting up workflows, administrators can automate and manage the debt recovery process effectively.


The 'Portfolios' section allows administrators to define how debt recovery portfolios will be managed. It's where you can set parameters for portfolio handling and ensure effective and efficient debt recovery.

Navigating between the different elements is made easy in FinView. After clicking through to your customer, you will see a number of tabs which makes up all the different elements mentioned above. Once the customer is active and you have uploaded cases, you will see additional tabs such as invoices, imports and communications.


Understanding these key topics is essential to effectively set up and manage a client on the FinView platform. Each section plays a significant role in maintaining an organized, efficient, and streamlined process of managing your client's information, communications, finances, and debt recovery.

Once this is complete, you will be able to import cases to the customer environment.

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