FinView is excited to unveil the latest enhancement to your debt collection management toolkit: the new Case Overview Dashboard. This innovative feature is designed to provide a comprehensive snapshot of each case, equipping you with critical information at a glance and streamlining case management processes. The dashboard is designed to enhance efficiency, promote better decision-making, and ensure seamless collaboration across your team.

Case Status and Workflow Indication

At the heart of the dashboard is the case status display, which shows the current status of the case. The box is colour coded depending on the workflow you are in. The 3 dots allow you to check the detail of an invoice, close the case or relink to another bucket (assuming no payment has been made).

Note: If a case is already closed, from the 3 dots you have the ability to re-open a case.

Next activity

From the next activity panel, you can see what the next step is in a workflow. You also have the 'Plan new activity' which provides you with the following actions:

  • Suspend Main Workflow: Suspend the main workflow to address specific issues or changes in the case.
  • Place a Case into Dispute: Mark a case as disputed, triggering the dispute workflow.
  • Setup a Payment Plan: Arrange flexible payment plans for debtors, facilitating debt recovery while accommodating debtor circumstances.
  • Pause Interest: Temporarily stop the accrual of interest on the debt, when necessary.
  • Register a Payment: Update the case with received payments, reflecting progress in debt recovery.
  • Put a Case into Settlement: Initiate settlement procedures for cases where a lump-sum payment is negotiated.

Note: If the case is not in an active workflow, there will be no step visible.

Financial Insights

Understanding the financial aspects of a case is crucial. The insights panel provides a clear overview of the debt value, including any additional costs and interest accrued.

Last note

Stay updated with the latest communications and notes added to the case. The dashboard shows the most recent note, including the author and the date it was added, providing context and ensuring continuity in case handling.

Tasks Overview

Efficient task management is essential for maintaining momentum in case resolution. The dashboard displays all open tasks assigned to you, as well as those allocated to other team members. This visibility into team-wide responsibilities helps in prioritising tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and promoting collaborative effort.

Quick Actions

The dashboard introduces convenient checkboxes for quick actions such as placing a case in debt support or marking a customer's requirement to provide relevant documents. These quick actions allow for immediate response to case needs, enhancing responsiveness and case management efficiency.

Navigating for Detailed Information

While the Case Overview Dashboard provides a succinct snapshot of each case, it also offers pathways to delve deeper into specific aspects. Clicking through various points on the dashboard grants access to more detailed information and historical data, enriching your understanding and facilitating informed decision-making.

More information on how to navigate a case can be found here: Link


The new Case Overview Dashboard in FinView represents a significant leap forward in debt collection case management. By centralising crucial case information and providing quick access to management tools, it empowers you and your team to operate more effectively, ensuring a higher success rate in debt recovery. Embrace this new feature to enhance your workflow, improve collaboration, and achieve better outcomes in your debt collection efforts.

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