View the debt collection invoices in a case and make changes.

Need to view the initial case invoice? Do you need to change the amount or invoice subject? This guide helps you to navigate to the invoice, and make the necessary changes, direct within FinView hub.

1. Open the case

Open your case.

Open the case

2. Click the 3 dots in case status

In the case status box, click on the 3 dots, located in the top right corner.

Click the 3 dots in case status

3. Click "Initial case information"

A drop down menu will appear. The first option is the initial case information. Already you can see, that this case has 1 invoice. Select the initial case information option.

Click 'Initial case information'

4. Invoices are now visible

A window will slide in, presenting you with the initial invoices, uploaded to create the case. The invoice row shows you the invoice number, invoice date, invoice due date and the amount.

Invoices are now visible

5. Open the invoice

To open the invoice, hover over the invoice row, it should highlight in orange. Click to open.

Open the invoice

6. Invoice details

The invoice details will now appear. You can scroll through the invoice to see the full invoice. To go back, click the back link, located in the top left.

Invoice details

7. Edit the amount.

To make a change to the outstanding amount. Click on the pencil located next to the amount.

Edit the amount.

8. Enter the amount

In the popup window, enter the new invoice amount. Click save.

Enter the amount

9. The magic

FinView will now make the changes to the amount. This will automatically update the financial insights on the case.

The magic

10. Change is now visible

The change is immediately visible in the invoice details.

Change is now visible

11. Other options

From within the invoice details, you can also change the invoice subject. To close the invoice, click the 'X' button in the top right.

Other options

That concludes the training on how to view the invoices of a case, and make changes.

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