FinView's new vulnerability feature allows users to mark the vulnerability level of a debtor, enhancing the sensitivity and effectiveness of debt collection efforts.

How to Use the Vulnerability Indicator:

  • Access Debtor's Case: Log into FinView and open the specific debtor's case file.
  • Select the Debtor’s Avatar: Click on the avatar icon next to the debtor's name.
  • Choose Vulnerability Level: Select the appropriate vulnerability level based on your assessment:
    • Detected Vulnerability: Indicates frequent mentions of financial hardship or challenges in fulfilling debt obligations.
    • High Vulnerability: Points to severe financial constraints, persistent personal, or mental health issues impacting debt repayment.

Visual Indicators:

Upon selection, the vulnerability level is recorded in the activities section.

The colour of the debtor’s avatar will change to correspond with the selected vulnerability level, providing a visual cue of the debtor’s status.


This feature empowers FinView users to tailor their approach based on the circumstances of the debtor, ensuring a more humane and effective debt collection process.

Darren Tebbitt
Loves rugby and tech stuff. Darren is focused on our strategic mission in scaling FinView globally.
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Debt collection

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