How FinView automates the requesting documents from a customer.

 When you need to request documents from a customer, you are easily able to do this, in one click. Follow this guide, which shows what happens, once you have selected the documents needed checkbox.

1. Open a case.

Get started, by being on the overview page of a case.

Open a case.

2. Select 'Documents Needed'

In the case status box, click the box next to documents needed.

Select 'Documents Needed'

3. Send email to customer?

In the popup window, first choose whether to send an email to your customer.

Send email to customer?

4. Suspend the workflow?

Now choose whether to suspend your workflow.

Suspend the workflow?

5. Click "Submit"

Once you have defined what FinView should do, click submit.

Click 'Submit'

6. The magic happens

FinView will now do its magic.

The magic happens

7. Check the status

Now lets check what FinView has done. Navigate to the case status box, the documents needed should show as being selected. Also, the main workflow is now suspended.

Check the status

8. A new task

A new task has been created. This is the usual process when FinView suspends a workflow.

A new task

9. Click "Conversations"

Let's check to see if FinView has sent an email, to the customer. Click the conversations option, in the menu bar.

Click 'Conversations'

10. Click "Customer"

Navigate to the Customer, in the conversations panel.

Click 'Customer'

11. Open the email

Open the email to the customer.

Open the email

12. Email confirmation

The email is now presented.

Email confirmation

That wraps up this tutorial. This is a new feature within FinView which automates a number of steps for users.

Marco Hoogenraad
Our very own fitness trainer. Marco is a major user of FinView via our collections brand DebtCo.
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