Managing debt collection efficiently, requires quick access to specific documents, such as invoices, that make up a case. This quick guide will help you through the steps, to locating the invoices, for a particular debt collection case in FinView.

1. Click to the case

From the debtor overview screen, click on the case you need to open.

Click to the case

2. Click here

Now select the 3 dots, located in the case status box.

Click here

3. Click "Initial invoice"

From the drop down list, click on the Initial Invoice option.

Click 'Initial invoice'


The invoice information, will appear via a pop up screen. To close, simply click the cross icon, in the top right corner of the box.

Finding invoices within a case, is a straightforward process, designed for quick access, and easy navigation. Whether you need to review, verify, or utilise these invoices for further action, FinView makes it simple, and efficient.

Darren Tebbitt
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