Importing cases into FinView, particularly when it involves telephone numbers, requires adherence to specific guidelines to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Understanding how to properly import telephone numbers is crucial for a smooth case management process. This article provides essential information about importing telephone numbers, including country code restrictions and handling multiple phone numbers.

Uniform Country Codes in Single Imports

When importing cases into FinView, it is important to note that all telephone numbers within a single import file must be from the same country. This means:

  • Consistent Country Codes: Each import file should contain telephone numbers that are all associated with the same country code. Mixing phone numbers from different countries in one import file is not possible at the moment.
  • Separate Imports for Different Countries: If you have cases with telephone numbers from various countries, these should be separated into different import files, each containing numbers from one specific country.

Setting the Country Code

The country code is set during the first step of the import process:

  1. Selecting a File: When you begin the import process by selecting your file, you will be prompted to set the country code for the telephone numbers included in that file. This step is critical as it defines the format for all phone numbers in the import.

Uploading Multiple Phone Numbers

FinView’s template allows for the inclusion of two telephone numbers per case. This is facilitated by having two columns in the import template:

  • Phone Number (1): The primary phone number field.
  • Phone Number (2): An optional secondary phone number field.

This feature is particularly useful for cases where multiple contact numbers are available or necessary.

Manual Addition Post-Import

In scenarios where cases require telephone numbers from multiple countries, or if the need to add additional phone numbers arises after the initial import, these numbers must be added manually to each case after the import process is complete.


Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your case imports are seamless and error-free. By ensuring that each import file contains phone numbers from the same country and understanding the process for adding multiple phone numbers, you can effectively manage and streamline your case import process in FinView.

For any further assistance or clarification, please reach out to our support team.

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