Need to find a case in FinView Control? This is made easy with our quick search features. Explore this tutorial on how to quickly find, and access your cases.

1. Initiate your search.

There are 2 ways to search for a case. From the homepage, navigate to the search box, in the top left corner.

Click 'Total Amount Collected up to Today'

2. Enter your search criteria.

Initiate a search for debtors. You can search by either entering in the name, the FinView case number, or by using your own client reference number. Once you have identified the right case, simply click to enter.

Enter your search criteria

3. Via the menu bar.

Alternatively, you can search for a case, via the menu bar. Locate the 'Cases' option, directly under the home icon.

Case search via the menu bar.

4. Scroll or enter your case information.

In the cases page, you may already see your case. You can either search by scrolling through the list of cases, or by entering in the name, customer reference, in the search field. Once you have found the case, click on it to open.

Click 'Search for Name, Case Number or Invoice Number'

Searching for cases is efficient with FinView Control. Whether manually entering information or scrolling through a list, multiple options are available to quickly find what you need.

Marco Hoogenraad
Our very own fitness trainer. Marco is a major user of FinView via our collections brand DebtCo.
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Debt collection