FinView allows businesses to customise their collections settings at a granular level, granting you the flexibility to manage different settings under one customer. This feature offers a unique advantage when it comes to managing your portfolios and enhancing your collections strategies. Here's how you can take advantage of this capability:

Step 1: Create a New Bucket

Start by creating a new bucket. Remember that a newly created bucket will always default to the customer settings defined in the 'Settings' or 'Finance' tabs. However, you have the flexibility to customize these settings at the bucket level.

Step 2: Customise Your Settings

In your new bucket, you'll find several areas that can be customized to better suit your business needs:

  • Campaign Information: Here, you can choose different workflows (note that you can only choose a workflow that has been created in your customer).
  • Bank Information: Change the bank details as per the specific requirements of the bucket.
  • Debt Collection Costs: Adjust the costs associated with debt collection to reflect the nature of the bucket.
  • Interest Rates: Set interest rates that are tailored to the cases within the bucket.
  • Invoicing: Customise your invoicing practices to best suit the characteristics of the bucket.
  • VAT: Alter VAT rates if needed, depending on the specifics of your cases.
  • Administration Costs: Set your administration costs to align with the bucket requirements.
  • Financial Components: Customise the financial components to accurately represent the cases within the bucket.
  • Enrichment Settings: Adjust these settings to maximise the usefulness of your data enrichment efforts.
  • Debtor Communication Settings: Tailor your debtor communication settings to most effectively reach and engage with your debtors.
  • Phone Call Settings: Customize these settings to optimize your phone-based collections strategies.

Step 3: Save Your Settings

Once you've made your adjustments, ensure to save your settings. This way, they will apply to all cases within the bucket, providing a more targeted and effective approach to debt collection.

In summary, myFinView offers a robust level of customization for managing your collections settings, enabling a high degree of specificity and effectiveness in your debt recovery efforts. With the ability to customize settings at the bucket level, you can tailor your strategies to meet the unique requirements of each segment of your portfolio, thereby enhancing your overall collections performance.

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