Buckets in FinView enable you to further categorise and manage portfolios. Particularly beneficial if your portfolios are divided by product, buckets allow you to create subdivisions based on variables such as debt age, debt value, region, and so on. This structure enables a more detailed analysis of collection performance, facilitating better strategy development and decision making.

To create a bucket under a portfolio, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Tab: Begin by accessing the Portfolio tab within the Customer section of myFinView.
  2. Select the Relevant Portfolio: Once in the Portfolio tab, choose the portfolio to which you wish to add the buckets.
  3. Access the Buckets Section: Within the chosen portfolio, scroll down to locate the 'Buckets' section.
  4. Create a New Bucket: Kickstart the creation process by clicking on the orange '+' symbol located in the right corner.
  5. Name Your Bucket: Provide an alphanumeric, no-space name for your bucket that reflects its essence. For instance, 'LessThan30DayOld'.
  6. Define Bucket Details: Proceed to fill out the bucket details. This includes adding a meaningful description for your bucket and setting its start date.
  7. Save Your Settings: Assuming the bucket settings align with the guidelines defined in the customer settings, click 'Save' to finalize your settings.

Voila! Your new bucket is now created. This enhances your ability to manage and evaluate collections performance effectively. Remember, myFinView is designed to help you streamline and improve your collections process. Happy bucketing!


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