• Find out which areas of FinView you can access in your organisation with your assigned user role.

Only a user with admin rights can invite new or update existing users.

Once the organisation is set up, the FinView licensee can invite other users to access the organisation. You may invite anyone that is associated to your business from the business owner, a leader, a support agent as well as your customers.

When you invite a new user, you need to assign them a user role. User roles in FinView determine the level of access a user has in a FinView organisation. The different roles available are:

  • Admin - has full access to all features of your FinView organisation. Can make critical changes to your business entity settings.
  • Manager - has full viewing right and the ability to make changes to cases. They are not able to make changes to critical integration or business entity settings.
  • Specialist - for your support teams who will handle your cases.

Don’t share login details

Each invited user should have their own login details. If you share login details, you won't see what new transactions were entered by which user, or any changes they may have made. This leaves an unreliable audit trail and you risk login details falling into the wrong hands.

Two factor authentication

All users will be required to setup 2FA security. They will require a mobile device with an authenticator app to achieve this.

Invite new users or edit a user's role

The organisation’s admin can invite new users into an organisation. There may be limits or additional charges for the number of users you can invite into an organisation.

It is not possible to invite a user to additional organisations under the same email address.

You can also change a user's role or remove their access to your FinView organisation. A good example of a change to a users role is if a specialist is promoted to a managers role.

Deleting a user role is not possible at this time.

What's next?

Invite new users into your FinView organisation and give them the user role that best suits their responsibilities in your business.

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