Unveiling FinView’s Latest Innovations: Powering Global Collections with Unparalleled Automation

FinView, your go-to solution for efficient debt management, just got even better with some significant updates! These enhancements range from advanced security measures...

Microsoft Azure's Global Cloud Infrastructure Offers Unrivaled Security and Compliance Solutions

FinView is proud to announce its migration onto Microsoft Azure's Global Cloud infrastructure. This landmark move doesn't just represent an impressive change; it comes with real, tangible benefits for all FinView licensees. Azure ensures industry-leading physical security systems for your benefit!

With this global capability at our finger tips, this transformational change helps set up apart. Already, our licensees in Europe and North America can take advantage of our cutting-edge infrastructure. Soon, we'll extend it even further and include businesses operating in Africa.

Compliance and Privacy

Azure has developed an impressive suite of compliance offerings and privacy standards designed to assist your organisation in meeting all national, regional and industry-specific data collection and use regulations. So when using FinView, your assets and data remain safe at all times.

Re-imagined Workflow Builder: Revolution in Debt Collection

When it comes to traditional debt collections software, users often find workflow builders restrictive and lacking customisation features. Our new drag-and-drop workflow builder, however, is anything but rigid or lacking customisation options.

Welcome to the new drag and drop workflow builder, directly integrated to FinView.

Agility and Future-Proof Design

Built with future needs in mind, our agile builder allows us to easily add new communication channels as they arise. In comparison to traditional debt collection software, which often requires significant IT involvement for minor changes, our new builder lets you craft sophisticated communication strategies in minutes rather than hours or days.

Attractive Experience and Functional Solutions Combined

We take great pride in creating an intuitive and enjoyable user experience, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics for an outstanding user journey. This modern, clean interface does more than look good; it simplifies building dynamic workflows.

FinView's New Workflow Builder Saves Every Minute

Every minute counts when it comes to financial services, and FinView's new workflow builder eliminates the steep learning curve and inefficiency associated with traditional systems. Now anyone can quickly create complex communications strategies and focus on what matters: resolving debts efficiently and managing finances successfully.

FinView Dynamic Workflows

Mobile app update: rebranded to myFinView with new languages added

That's not all! We are also rolling out an updated version of FinView's mobile app with fresh new branding that aligns with our commitment to simplify financial management through innovative design elements, along with an easier navigational experience and global language expansion - giving access to even more people worldwide!

FinView, the app that helps individuals and companies to manage their own cases.

myFinView is available to case owners either via the app stores (both Android and Apple) or online in a fully responsive design. More information can be found on the dedicated website for our app:

Visit the myFinView App site

Sneak Preview: FinView Delivers Revolution in Email Communication

Just when we thought our exciting features had come to an end, here is another amazing surprise awaiting: an exclusive sneak preview of FinView's future drag-and-drop email builder! Not just an ordinary email composer; this revolutionary tool will revolutionise how you interact with clients.

A sleek image showcasing the email template builder in action, with a user easily dragging and dropping elements onto a template.

Start Your Email Creator Soon

Our new HTML Email builder is native to the FinView platform and will be available to all FinView customers. More information will follow in our next release however in the meantime, check out some of the cool new features this will have:

Sneak preview: New Email Builder

So that wraps up the changes we have been working on over the summer. FinView continues to evolve into a platform that can provide businesses with much-needed assistance in managing unpaid invoices more efficiently and effectively.

Want to know more? Then get in touch.

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