Exciting New Features and Integrations on FinView: Expanding Horizons

Welcome, FinView Community! Today we're back with another product update blog to expand and improve FinView's capabilities. We are pleased to reveal some amazing new features...

Selcom Integration: FinView Steps into Africa

Selcom Payment Links

First off, let's talk about our new integration with Selcom, a leading payment link provider across Africa. This is a significant milestone for us as it marks FinView's expansion into the African market. We understand the diverse and dynamic financial landscape of Africa, and with Selcom, we're bringing a tailored, efficient, and inclusive financial solution to the continent. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture!

ClickSend Integration: Revolutionising Global Communications


Next in our lineup is our integration with ClickSend, further revolutionising our global communication capabilities. ClickSend's cloud printer technology greatly expands our communication services in terms of mailing letters. Imagine sending physical mail with just as much ease as email - thanks to ClickSend, we are making this dream a reality and providing you with letters printed, folded and shipped around the globe within minutes with this integration - now more secure mail has never been faster and smarter!

Address Data Redesign: A Global Address Feature

Address Data Redesign with Global Address Feature We are thrilled to introduce the complete redesign of our address data system. Recognising the importance of accurate and localised address formats, we have implemented a global address feature, which automatically adjusts address structures depending on destination countries. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in communications for our users, making it easier for them to connect with customers and stakeholders worldwide.

Conclusion: FinView Stays Future-Ready

These new features and integrations demonstrate our dedication to continuously evolving and improving the FinView platform. Not just adapting to changes; we anticipate them, guaranteeing FinView stays relevant as a future-ready solution for all your debt management needs.

These developments will enrich FinView for users worldwide. As always, we welcome any feedback as we continue to expand and innovate.

Thank you for being part of our journey! We truly appreciate it.


Dylan de Blieck
Has the strangest hobby - ask him! Simply put, Dylan makes it all work together with Finaps.

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