Elevate Your Debt Collection Strategy with FinView’s Drag-&-Drop Email Builder

In the fast-paced world of debt collection, communication is key. It's not just about what you say; it’s also how you say it and how it looks. FinView is proud to introduce ...

FinView Email Creator makes the task of crafting impressive emails effortless. No more complex design processes - instead, this builder was built for ease and efficiency, with sleek responsive emails across devices and email clients like Outlook that look incredible.

Future-Proof Your Communication

Our email builder goes beyond simply keeping up with current technology; it stays ahead. By supporting HTML 3.0, our emails have become 56% lighter for quicker load speeds, minimal clipping, and reduced carbon emissions compared to their counterparts from previous generations. This doesn't just advance technology - it advances responsibility!

FinView makes brand integration simpler. By offering customisable content defaults and social blocks, ensuring brand consistency becomes much simpler. Your emails will now reflect the professionalism and style of your brand, while the process itself becomes much simpler.

Unleash FinView for Debt Collection

FinView's feature-rich email template builder was specifically developed with debt collection agencies in mind, with features like pre-designed modules, responsive design, personalisation options and a user-friendly interface aimed at creating effective collection emails faster. Increase engagement while simultaneously increasing success rates without hassle.

Every template we offer has been optimised for responsive design. Your emails will maintain their elegance and functionality on any device - making the recipient experience truly seamless!

Customise Each Email With dynamic fields, customise every email individually to each recipient for increased chances of debt recovery, and humanise your communications. This personal touch not only adds warmth to communication, but also significantly boosts debt collection rates.

User Experience Revamp

Our drag-and-drop interface was designed with all skill levels in mind, from tech novice to veteran designer - creating stunning emails is now effortless!

Efficiency Is Our Priority

Let our experts turn your ideas into action-ready email campaigns quickly and effortlessly. Reuse content blocks, easily transform emails to landing pages, and feel the satisfaction of rapid campaign creation!

Noteworthy Statistics: Our internal data indicates 82% of FinView users can craft emails more quickly, while 63% have experienced an increase in CTR of at least 11% thanks to our new builder. These statistics speak volumes for its effectiveness and efficiency.

FinView's New Workflow Builder Saves Every Minute

Every minute counts when it comes to financial services, and FinView's new workflow builder eliminates the steep learning curve and inefficiency associated with traditional systems. Now anyone can quickly create complex communications strategies and focus on what matters: resolving debts efficiently and managing finances successfully.

FinView's Drag-&-Drop Email Template Builder is more than a mere tool - it's an essential piece of smarter debt collection communication. By adding it to your arsenal, you can expect smoother processes, professional-looking emails and higher collection rates - ready to experience the difference? Give FinView's email builder a try now, and witness its magic unfold before your eyes!

So that wraps up the changes we have been working on over the past few weeks. FinView continues to evolve into a platform that can provide businesses with much-needed assistance in managing unpaid invoices more efficiently and effectively.

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Loves rugby and tech stuff. Darren is focused on our strategic mission in scaling FinView globally.
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