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In recent years, debt collection has changed dramatically. New technologies and strategies are being used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of debt collection efforts. Fi

In recent years, debt collection has changed dramatically. New technologies and strategies are being used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of debt collection efforts. FinView is an innovative digital platform for debt collection that offers debtors comprehensive tools, as well as a mobile app, to manage their debt and settle it themselves. This blog post will look at FinView, and explore its capabilities to help collection specialists manage cases more efficiently while streamlining the recovery process.

In short, FinView gives collection specialists enhanced tracking and organisation capabilities that enable them to monitor multiple cases simultaneously. The platform provides a clear overview of the contact information, outstanding balances, and payment history of each debtor. Prioritisation is easier based on the risk profile and likelihood of recovery of each debtor.

Manage debt collection communications in one shared Inbox.

Effective communication is at the core of successful debt collection, and FinView's platform excels in this regard by offering an array of communication tools in one central inbox. This simplifies the collection process for both collection specialists and debtors. Collection specialists can send personalised messages about outstanding balances through various messaging channels, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, while debtors respond directly through FinView or its mobile app, creating a smoother, more efficient communication process.

Debt collection software that has it's own inbox

The app that automates 60% of manual activities.

FinView's app for mobile devices gives debtors the self-service tools they need to manage their debts and settle them independently. This relieves collection specialists from administrative work, while encouraging debtors to be more proactive. Since its launch, more than 60% of manual specialist activities have disappeared. With features that include customisable payment schedules, real-time updates on balances, and the option to make direct payments directly through FinView. This gives debtors more control over their finances, leads to higher collection rates and better debtor satisfaction.

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Data and analytics that change the way cases are handled.

FinView's powerful reporting and analytics tools allow collection specialists to track and adjust collection strategies based on KPIs and data-driven decisions. They can improve collection rates by gaining insights into trends and improvement areas. With data so easily presented via our dashboards or reporting tool, all debt collection specialists are able to respond faster than before.

Manage all activities in one place.

With so many activities that can occur around a debt collection case, overseeing and monitoring these activities can be a laborious and lengthy endeavour. Streamlined and successful debt recovery management is vital for sustaining a robust cash flow and ensuring that your team are managing cases quickly and efficiently. With FinView's TicketDesk, your team can manage all activities in one place. This ensures you can respond to cases in a timely manner and maximise the efficiency of your team.

Debt collection software with its own built in ticketing system.


FinView's digital platform for debt collection is revolutionising the way collectors approach cases. FinView's suite of tools and intuitive interface, as well as its cutting-edge mobile apps, streamlines the debt collection process for both debtors and collection specialists, resulting in better results for all parties. Adopting this technology early allows collection specialists to stay ahead of the trends and tailor their collection strategies to today's digital world.

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