Debt Collection Improvement With FinView Solutions

Debt Collection Improvement With FinView Solutions: Collections processes can be stressful for both debtors and creditors. Traditional methods of debt collection - often through...

1. Maintain Customer Relations

Collections processes can be stressful for both debtors and creditors. Traditional methods of debt collection - often through endless calls and letters - can significantly strain customer relationships, which is especially concerning, as strong customer relations are key to future business success.

FinView Solutions: Our mobile app revolutionises debt collection processes. By giving debtors more autonomy over managing their own debts, setting payment plans, and making in-app payments all without direct agent interaction, debt collection has never been less daunting and more customer-friendly than before!

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2. Effectiveness of Collections Process

Debt collection processes can be time and resource intensive. Handled manually, tracking and follow up can become cumbersome and potentially lead to errors.

FinView Solution: FinView uses advanced technologies like omni-channel communications, dynamic workflows, and robotic automation to streamline the collections process for businesses. These tools enable organisations to automate tasks based on debtor behaviour, reach debtors via preferred channels, and free up staff time by automating routine processes.

3. Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

Regulations surrounding debt collection vary significantly and change frequently, and noncompliance can lead to costly fines and damage to a company's reputation.

FinView Solution: Built on Microsoft Azure, our global platform ensures compliance with local data regulations in all regions. Businesses can then focus on debt recovery while remaining assured they're adhering to applicable regulations.

4. Leveraging Data for Decision-Making

Businesses often struggle to use debtor data to improve their collections process. Many times, insights that could increase recovery rates remain untapped.

FinView Solution: Machine learning is the keystone of our platform and ensures successful debt recovery. By learning from past interactions between debtors and FinView's software, debtor communications become optimised, increasing chances of successful recovery.

FinView's platform can provide businesses with much-needed assistance in managing unpaid invoices more efficiently and effectively, using technology and adopting a debtor-centric approach. FinView is revolutionising debt collection on one invoice at a time!

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