CollectIC platform highlights: May 2022

We at CollectIC love new releases and this once is epic. Over the past few months our team embarked on one of the big challenges we put to them, and boy did they deliver. This blog
  • A totally redesigned business case module
  • Implementing to handle US cases
  • FinView – snooze a payment
  • UX enhancements

Enhanced business case module

Differentiating between a business or a consumer case was not clearly defined. CollectIC would look at a business case in the same way as a consumer case.

In managing business cases we quickly identified the need to add multiple contacts, whether that was people in the context of the business, shareholders or departmental contact data. In addition, handling critical business data is a future requirement as we look to provide business data as a future solution.

To give us the ability to manage a business case correctly, we had to completely redesign our data architecture to accommodate business data on a worldwide basis. Our new business case module now helps us to;

  1. Manage all company identification data which is used in our matching service.
  2. Collect multiple contacts – whether as a person or a department (sales, legal, finance etc.)
  3. Linking different contacts to different files
  4. Collecting of shareholder data.

Our next project will be to add corporate family structures which gives a complete up and down view on a business. However, the first phase on the road to business information is a major achievement as we now have a dynamic way in which to manage business contacts.

US cases

One of DebtCo International’s customers requested them to support them with thousands of new US collection cases. Our platform can operate at scale however handling US files was not part of the existing service.

A few simple tweaks and CollectIC has now implemented the ability to take on US cases. Whilst this may seem like a small change, the impact is quite big;

  • CollectIC now presents the US Dollar
  • FinView is scaled to manage cases from the states
  • US digital payments now available
  • Dedicated US page and chatbot for debtors to get answers to questions

The ease of scaling CollectIC to a new country really stands out here. With the US being such an opportunity for the future, launching this new market in our system is a big milestone for us.

FinView – snooze a payment feature

Most individuals in a payment plan honour their commitment to pay on time. However, for the individuals who may struggle in a month to pay, we would see these cases simply fall out of the plan which subsequently re-establishing contact becomes a struggle.

We took the decision to add a new feature in our FinView app which gives the user the ability to snooze a scheduled payment as part of their payment plan. This request instantly creates a ticket for a specialist to review and either approve or reject.

Since we added this, we have seen several individuals use the request. The benefit is that we see a significant decrease in failed payment plans. The feature keeps the channel of communication open which is a constant challenge for all debt collection agencies.

Snooze your payment with FinView

UX enhancements

CollectIC is all about user experience and we are constantly looking for smarter ways to improve the experience for our users. Our front-end developers have added improvements to the client creation process which sees a smoother and faster setup process.

Ready to try it out?

All features and improvements mentioned in this blog are available to use right now! Are you new to CollectIC and do you want to see it in action? You can contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more editions of this blog series for more new features that we are currently developing.



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