CollectIC Platform Highlights: August 2021

Launching our new CollectIC Client Portal v1Companies that use collections services want insight to the progress collections companies are making on their debt portfolios.
  1. CollectIC Client Portal v1
  1. Communications API - new Text-to-Speech feature
  1. Global phone data verification

Launching our new CollectIC Client Portal v1

Companies that use collections services want insight to the progress collections companies are making on their debt portfolios. For DebtCo, our clients requested we provide them with regular updates. Over time we saw a trend and so together with a small handful of customers, created a plan that gave instant access to clients that provided them with the insight they were looking for.

CollectIC Client Portal

Over the summer we have been hard at work developing the CollectIC Client Portal version 1. A secure environment that enables our clients to gain instant access and insight to the progress we are making on their cases. We are pleased to announce that this is now live for a select few clients who will test this new feature.

As you can imagine we have a big roadmap for this however for version 1, we focused on 4 key areas:

CollectIC Skip trace search

Case search & insight

A key requirement was for a client to be able to search their cases and obtain insight on the progress we are making. Clients no longer need to question our customer services to understand what is happening.

CollectIC Invoices


Clients now have access to all the invoices and payment reports between the collection agency and themselves. No longer does finance teams need to email, they can download as and when they require them.

CollectIC Desk UI

Dashboards & Insights

Our dashboards provide real-time feedback on the client cases. We no longer require to deliver feedback via excel and in fact, our testing clients already use the dashboard for management reporting.

CollectIC Upload

Case Importing

We prefer to use API's to hand over cases to us. However many clients are unable to integrate. We therefore have a secure environment that uses our awesome data handling solutions and empowers clients to upload their cases when they want

This is just the start, we already have new features we want to bring so keep an eye out for updates.

CollectIC Voice API - new Text to Speech feature

Using call centres is expensive especially when dealing with large volumes of cases. To answer this, we expanded on our communications API with a new service called text to voice.

CollectIC is now able to send voice messages either via the CollectIC Inbox or from the automated workflows. These messages can be personalised in the exact same way as SMS however the primary difference is it is a far cheaper and more impactful way of establishing contact.

More importantly, the service can validate the numbers being used, can operate at scale and is available in nearly 20 languages, world-wide.

Data quality - global phone number verification

As we continue our international expansion, we quickly noticed that a number of our clients struggled with data quality as it relates to phone numbers.

The CollectIC Communications API is now able to verify a phone number programmatically so you do not need to. Saving considerable time and expense, the new service ensures that we will only attempt to communicate with numbers that are verified.

The great news is, this is global and works well together with our new text to voice service.

Want to know more about the awesome features our platform has to offer? Contact us to arrange a demo!

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