CollectIC Data Importer – a new standard for handling data

Throughout the process of developing the CollectIC platform we constantly asked ourselves the following questions. "How will we handle data and make it easy for our customers?" and

During my career at Dun & Bradstreet I often saw frustration from both the customer and the internal teams on how large data sets were handled. A number of times we developed different solutions to try and address these issues but each and every time, the user experience was never taken into consideration.

Working with our technology partners we began exploring different solutions to see how others were handling data importing. We very quickly ascertained that there was no easy solution out there.  Applications in the market still required the user to have an understanding of code and none of them focused on cleaning the data at the point of import.

We therefore were inspired to develop some design goals that helped to address these problems:

A beautifully designed interface that made it easy for any user to use. Our goal was to focus the user on linking the uploaded data to the right column without using any code.

The ability to identify errors in the data, from missing data fields to incorrect data formats. Options to fix the data include downloading the error records or changing within the user interface.

Collectic invalid records
Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 12.07.43

Keeping the design process simple was crucial. In showing off the service, a number of companies could see the value. No longer would importing the data be a role for specific data people, any one within the business could manage this.

The result already is being felt. Having the ability to identify cleaner data from the start and actually fix it results in improved recovery rates. For the agencies that have multiple data formats, our intelligent robots are able to identify previously seen imports all of which speeds up the process for the future.

As we continue to develop this feature, our focus is on applying intelligence to make the data handling even smoother. Collection agencies around the world handle millions of records and so being able to operate at scale is a critical factor. Our all new user experience if helping companies to manage millions of records, immediately resolve data issues and provide easy solutions for when the human touch is needed.

Fancy knowing more? Contact us and let's chat to see how our data importer can support your business.

Darren Tebbitt
Loves rugby and tech stuff. Darren is focused on our strategic mission in scaling FinView globally.

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